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X-rite InkFormulation 6.0-adds 1 |VERIFIED|

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How to check if a property of type object is set in the whole collection

I have a dictionary of type object, where only some of the properties are set.
I want to check if any of the properties of type object are set.
So the following code doesn’t work (because the properties of type object are “None”):
var r = new Dictionary();
foreach (var c in property)

var keys = r.Keys.Where(x => x!= null);

Thank you


It’s a bit more complicated than it first appeared – I’ve changed the code to:
var r = new Dictionary();
foreach (var c in property)
r.Add(c.PropertyType, c.GetValue(this, null));

var keys = r.Keys.Where(x => x!= null);

The problem is that because you’re looking up the type of the object rather than the type of the property, you’re pulling out the appropriate values (but not necessarily the correct ones) for your key type.
If you change your code to:
var r = new Dictionary();
foreach (var c in property)
r[c.PropertyType] = c.GetValue(this, null);

var keys = r.Keys.Where(x => x!= null);

The method will return the appropriate values and types without the need for that separate lookup.
I don’t know if this is correct (or even possible), but it should do what you need. If you find that this is something that is required across your code I’d suggest you implement a more generic method of doing this.

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