Test our silk

Silk Style testing sample

It is difficult to tell if a fabric that looks like silk is 100% silk or an imitation or silk mixed with other materials. To make sure our customers know that we only use 100% Mulberry Silk, we enclose a Silk Testing Sample with each product, which is a small piece cut out from the fabric that was used to make the product. Our customers can test our silk themselves and verify their testing result.

There are several ways to test silk – by looking at the fabric, feeling its softness, seeing its glossiness – but that might not be enough to make you feel 100% sure. Therefore, we offer better and more effective ways to test silk.

  • First Testing Method: Let’s burn silk!

You need to have:

  1. A small piece of silk fabric
  2. A fire-resistant surface
  3. A pair of tweezers
  4. A lighter or a burning candle

When burning silk, please pay attention to the following:

  1. Silk catches fire easily and immediately because it is made of protein.
  2. Burning silk smells like burning human hair.
  3. Burning silk produces whitish grey smoke, not black.
  4. Silk produces no visible glow after burning.
  5. Burning silk extinguishes its
  6. Silk ash is brittle, with crushable black beads.
  7. If you break a piece of silk ash between your fingers, the ash will become black charcoal powder.


Below is our instruction on how to test pure silk and verify the result with burning method.



  • Second testing method: Dissolve silk in bleach.

You need to have:

  1. A small piece of silk fabric
  2. A glass or ceramic bowl not used for eating or drinking
  3. Chlorine bleach
  4. Gloves to protect your hands.

Follow the steps below:

Soak a small piece of the silk fabric sample in the bleach so that the bleach covers the silk sample completely.

After about 5 to 10 minutes, bubbles will appear around the silk. The silk fabric will slowly dissolve and after about an hour or an hour and a half, it will vanish.

If you see all of the characteristics outlined above when doing the silk tests, you can be absolutely sure that your silk is 100% authentic.

Please be very careful not to harm yourself and your property when doing these tests. We are not responsible for any damage caused when you do these tests yourself.

Thank you for choosing our product and have fun testing our silk.