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RPG Maker MV – Rinobers Futuristic Characters is a pack of six characters, each with special abilities and a special outfit that they wear. Each character comes with five spritesheets, a facesheet, a full body art and an abundance of extra accessories and details to dress the character to be as unique and unique as you want them to be! They come with a file that contains their 5 spritesheets (gender variations), a facesheet, a full body art, a list of how to customize their sprite, and a list of full customization options. The Futuristic Characters pack can be edited with the full program that is more powerful than normal and comes in two versions: basic mode and advanced mode. A basic version can be found here, a more advanced version can be found here, and both can be downloaded and used with free to try RPG Maker MV’s fully-featured music player. As with all RPG Maker MV powered games, please read the official rules for use here. *Also for a limited time, a free version of the music player that can be used with all non-commercial games can be found at the bottom of the pack description. Terms of Use: * This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice. * OK to be used in Commercial projects * Compatible with RPG Maker MV/MZ * OK for use in games with gore * OK for use in adult-rated games * The music player can be used with most commercial games, including paid ones. No permission was required for this release of the music player, since there are no copyrights infringed, and most music files are included in the game. * The music player is compatible with RPG Maker Free to Play, Creative Mode and the unlimited version. * If you use Free to Play in “God Mode” (the default audio), please replace the file(s) with the full version of this music player. * The music player can be used with all non-commercial games. * Due to the different time zones, the release date for the music player on Spotify was May 7th, 2020. * Please disregard any errors you find in these characters’ sprites or various other parts of the pack. This pack is in a good working condition. If you happen to encounter any bug, please report the issue to me using the contact page. Credits: * Credits to the artists that did the original illustrations


SUPERVERSE Features Key:

  • World 2D mapping, environment and character map
  • Permissions based levels
  • World+level Pause Feature
  • Pausable sound and music
  • 6 bonus levels (farm, hotel, city, steampunk, wolf, robot)
  • Use anything as a Game Object
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