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KEYMACRO lets you create keyboard macros to easily perform common operations like opening, displaying, copying or pasting one or more URLs. The list of available macros is stored in an XML-based file with any number of “keys” and “urls”, and can be loaded and configured in seconds.
You can also take advantage of this powerful program to automate the execution of any application or operating system command.
KEYMACRO provides two main panels to configure the macros: the first one is for configuring the list of available keys and urls, the second one is for defining a new macro.
You can define a macro to execute any specific task, like opening a new Internet Explorer window or displaying a URL, or you can also configure it to perform more complex tasks like opening a URL in a specified web browser and displaying it.
A macro definition is made up of one or more keywords that define the macro’s behaviour. A keyword can be a number of characters up to 128, or an URL.
To define a new macro you just need to specify a keyword and a URL or any of the standard URLs provided with KEYMACRO, or you can also open an existing macro and modify its keywords or URL list.
Once you’ve created a new macro you can save it as a file and reuse it in any other campaign you develop.
Finally, you can easily configure a new macro to be displayed automatically when you start up the program.
■ 15 user-definable keyword categories (used for macro names)
■ 30 days trial period
■ Windows 95/98/ME/2000
■ Windows NT/2K/XP/2003/Vista
■ Internet Explorer 6+ and Netscape Navigator 7+ and Opera 9.5+
KEYMACRO is a totally configurable web browser. You can save a list of bookmarks or browser history, or you can run any programs on a specific site, or you can use your mouse to launch any URL or to type any URL into a web browser.
You can also launch programs automatically every time you start up the program.
With KeyMacro you can now share URLs, bookmarks and programs among many users.
KEYMACRO is a configurable web browser. You can save a list of bookmarks or browser history, or you can run any programs on a specific site, or you can use your mouse to launch any URL or to 384a16bd22

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In this article, I’m going to share a quick and easy way to record your own Macro instructions for Windows or Mac. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s much easier than you think. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of doing so. So let’s get started.
First, create a new file, by any name. Just name it Macro.txt, for now.
Next, copy and paste the instructions below. Please note that this is a text file. It’s not a programming language, it’s just a text file with the instructions you want to be executed automatically when pressing a key.
This is the contents of Macro.txt file.
Next, double-click the Macro.txt file to run the instructions.
Press any key to record your macro instructions.
Press another key to stop recording your macro instructions.
Next, press the key that you just pressed in the Macro.txt file. It will be recorded and executed.
Please note that the instructions will be executed automatically.
To stop recording, just press the key again.
What you did was to create a simple macro.
You can record as many as you like, and you can also add as many instructions as you like.
When you’re done recording, please save it as Macro.txt and launch it by double-clicking.
Then press the key you just pressed to start recording.
For more information, refer to the following video tutorial.
Please note that this is a video tutorial and may not work the same way when reading the text file instructions.


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Now what you have learned is to work with the.bashrc script in Linux. The.bashrc script is a text file. You can make any modification you want in it. If you make changes in the.bashrc file, you don’t need to restart the system. If you try to restart the system, then the changes in.bashrc file will not take effect.

Now you know how to read a file in Linux. If you want to learn how to create a file in Linux, then please check this article :

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