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Try pressing certain keys in rapid succession to draw and paint a specific picture. KEYMACRO features a simple, yet effective user interface where you can choose a drawing canvas and layer settings. You can also use the complex feature to apply presets and receive pre-made pictures for you to draw from.
Adobe AIR Description:
Based on Flash Player 11.2, Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime environment for building desktop and mobile applications using ActionScript. Once the application has been installed, you can start to develop in AIR by creating a project that builds an application using the Flex and Flash Builder IDEs.
The target platform is Mobile Devices, Tablets and other handheld devices.
Adobe AIR features include:
Compatibility with the latest Flash Player (11.2), as well as being able to use Flash Player 9.0 and earlier.
Supports application deployment to smartphones and tablet computers, and building and packaging apps for the Windows App Store.
Ability to package and launch an AIR application in the context of a desktop browser, opening the browser in a full-screen mode.
Support for HTML5, CSS3 and SVG standards.
Description of the installation process:
You need Adobe AIR ( to install KEYMACRO.
Keymacro.air file contains a set of files which are used for the creation and development of applications.
After downloading Keymacro.air and installing it, you will be able to create new programs and the AIR runtime will be added to your applications.
You also need Adobe Flash Player 11.2 to be installed.
Keymacro.air is a compressed file, but after the installation process it will appear as a folder on your PC.
How to install Keymacro:
After the installation process is finished, you can start using your new application.
Install Keymacro

Keymacro App and the software would be installed on any of your computer, smartphone or tablet.

How to install the software on your computer:
Just follow the steps below:

1. Click on the download button below, it will show you the available link:
2. A window will open in your browser with your download, follow the instructions:
3. Save the downloaded file and open it:
4. Double-click on the installed application and follow the onscreen instructions.
5. The Keymacro App is ready to use:

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File Organiser is a simple and handy file manager. It provides a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to quickly and easily perform file operations on Windows using the app’s two panes.

This free file manager supports many file attributes to help you organize and manage files, folders, and drives.

Transfer files with Drag-and-drop
A single window, with two panes: one for folders, and another for file and contents. Drag files or folders from one pane to another.

Rename files and folders
Option to rename files by creating a new file with the same name.

Delete files and folders
Revert files and folders to their original name.

Delete files or folders with confirmation
Option to delete files or folders, including subdirectories, with a confirmation.

Create, move, and delete subdirectories
Create, move or delete subdirectories, including existing subdirectories.

Easily manage files and folders from anywhere
You can open any folder using a path, drive, or file-name.

Access and change file attributes
Access and change file attributes.

Access Internet folders
Access the files and folders that are shared to your computer from any other computer on your network.

Add your own data to the favorites list
Add your own data to the favorites list.

Find files and folders
Find files and folders from any path.

Organize and share files and folders
You can organize and share files and folders from any path.

Search files and folders
Search files and folders from any path.

Quickly open files
Quickly open a folder using a path, drive, or file-name.

Search for files
Search for files from any path.

Access shortcuts
Access shortcuts to your local folders.

Make files shortcuts
Make files shortcuts to your local folders.

Create shortcut to any folder
You can create shortcut to any folder on your computer.

Preview files
Preview files from any path.

Preview files using the default viewer
You can preview files using the default viewer.

Copy files
Copy files from any path.

Move files
Move files from any path.

Delete files
Delete files from any path.

Delete files with confirmation
Delete files, including subdirectories, with confirmation.

Create new files
You can create new files.

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