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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All items in this demo may be subject to change before the final release.

IMPORTANT: In order to play the demo, you’ll need to download and install the free demo version of the game.

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I want to thank everyone for their support of this game, and for making it what it is today. I look forward to more great updates in the future!

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Features Key:

  • Evolve your character by leveling up, through customization, equipment, and special skills. Scaling from level 1 to level 99. And get more strong equipment and spells as you level.
  • Engage in single-player dungeons with unparalleled detail. Encounter monsters, solve puzzles, and develop your characters with your own hands.
    Choose a class and develop your skills through branching trees.
  • Master deadly moves with high-end performance in online multiplayer – take down even the most powerful enemies with the fastest action, capture objects, and raise your skill level. You can set your move speed and even unlock exclusive move animations.
  • Use the on-rails camera during missions to control the action from your own view.
  • Achievements are included, and even leaderboards are provided.
  • Fully voiced in English and Japanese voices. Western characters have been omitted from the Japanese version.
  • Elden Ring’s exclusive online content that supports direct multiplayer:

    • Shooting – Find some enemy that needs shooting on your way. From your enemies to the monsters that appear in your own dungeon. Aim with your finger and challenge yourself.
    • Endless Dungeon – Challenging and interesting dungeons scattered between the open fields.
    • Monster Gathering – Steal rare monsters from the dungeons and become a stronger character.
    • Character Creation – It is possible to combine and change classes. Customize your class with hair, skin, faces, and a plethora of extra parts.
    • Gauntlet – Choose your preferred maps and give it your best in the Gauntlet mode.
    • Skyraider – Manage airship bases, send your air fleet, and send your monsters abroad in the Skyraider mode.
    • Character Art Gallery – Explore all the breadth of the game world with over 120 limited edition character designs.
    • Online Quests – Decide the challenge that awaits you on the Exploration boards and receive rewards.

    Elden Ring features:

    • A vibrant single-player adventure.
      • Immersive and responsive character


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        Multiplayer: Online Play (optional)
        Online, you can play with other players and travel together, while messaging through the game application. You can coordinate the timing of your next attack and how you wish to proceed after battle.
        Players will receive predetermined help from others when you are in trouble. If you stay in a state of emergency for a long time, the conditions will worsen (as shown in the game).
        Whichever period you choose, you can decide your condition, there is no single set path.

        Separate life in the IRL world:

        Offline mode (the map is displayed when you need to travel elsewhere)
        Offline play enables you to travel through the game world at your own pace, completely free of the online play system.
        Offline mode is for those who wish to save time while traveling.
        The offline mode can also be useful for those who are caught in the offline update period and want to avoid having their game progress lost.

        Offline mode (map update)
        In the offline mode, map update is not available.

        Offline mode (specific map update)
        If there is a map update that you do not wish to receive, you can select it in offline mode.

        Offline mode (contents update)
        In offline mode, the contents of the game will be in effect even in the future.
        Offline mode:

        Online Dungeon:

        Online, you can participate in the battle of the Isle of the Elden Ring. After creating a new character, you can search for a match with someone with whom you have common interests.
        Encounter and battle some Orcs that have been awakened from their sleep.
        In an epic story involving the entire player base of the game, travel through the Isle of the Elden Ring and fight a mysterious attack.

        *Players in offline mode will be invited to a quest for the first time they enter the village.

        Narrative mode:

        Offline, you can explore the world freely and there are no limitations on actions.
        There are also various specific special objectives where the satisfaction of one is made possible through action, discussion, and other means.

        *You can enjoy the narrative mode even when not playing online.


        Offline Dungeon mode:

        Offline Dungeon:

        Offline Hero mode:

        Offline Hero mode:

        Offline Hero mode:

        Offline Hero mode:

        Offline Hero


        What’s new:

        MPEG-4 AAC LC



        271 MB

        16:9 widescreen





        Format: Blu-ray

        1 Approx. 203 min.


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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      -2 GB RAM
      -Windows 10 64-bit
      -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 6870
      -At least 8 GB HDD space
      -800 x 600 resolution
      -Kerbal Space Program-1.3.1
      -PogoPad-Kerbal Space Program-1.3.1
      Note: We are not responsible for any damage to your computer