SCARF Silk Tussah Warm Beige Coffee dyed 45x175cm


This Silk Tussah scarf is made by special Vietnamese traditional silk manual weaving method on wooden looms with unique uneven texture of raw silk thread. Camel color is the result of coffee powder natural dye, which make the scarf sustainable and very special. Due to natural dye, color shade might be slight variant from different batches.


Made of 100% Mulberry silk, the scarf brings you warmth, softness and doesn’t make you sweat like other scarf materials thanks to special characters of pure silk. It should be an essential item for your winter cold days.

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Detail features:

  • Material: 100% mulberry silk tussah
  • Color: Camel – Natural coffee dye
  • Size: 45x175cm
  • Made in Vietnam


  • Wash separate colors
  • Hand wash or machine wash with hand, silk or wool washing mode.
  • Low temperature from 20 to30 degree.
  • Low spin speed from 600 to 800rpm.
  • Hang dry in shade and good ventilation.
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Silk has natural characters of being antibacterial, antimicrobial, discourage fungus and silk helps to reduce sweating effectively. It is not necessary and not recommended to wash frequently. We recommend washing them every 3 weeks to 1 months to wash out dirt and oil from our skin.

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