PILLOWCASE Silk Satin 19 momme


  • Duvet cover

    Duvet cover (6)

    Made from 100% Mulberry silk fabric, we bring 2 choices of silk Taffeta and silk Satin in the duvet cover selection. Satin silk is very soft and smooth, shinny like pearls. It needs more caution to avoid sharp objects but super comfortable to sleep on. Silk Taffeta is a bit stiffer and stronger, you don't have to worry about rough nails while using it. Please choose which fits best to your style.
  • Filled Silk Bed Sheet

    Filled Silk Bed Sheet (1)

    Made out of 100% Mulberry silk habotai and filled with 500g raw silk strands, silk bedsheet brings you luxury, soft, cozy feeling. Hand quilted is a plus feature to decorate your bedroom.
  • Filled Silk Duvet

    Filled Silk Duvet (2)

    Inside out 3 layers of 100% silk, covered with silk Habotai and filled with raw silk, the sild duvet is our featured product, which preserves all natural benefits of pure silk. Silk duvet is all you need to have warmth, cozyness, comfort and to limit effectively sweating throughout the night, especially in summer time. Hand quilting is a special and unique detail to ensure high quality and classiness.
  • Pillowcase

    Pillowcase (7)

    Silk pillowcase is so loved because of its softness and smoothness. It is a Must-Have item for every lady. Silk pillowcase helps to improve effectively condition of our facial skin and hair. Made from 100% Mulberry satin and silk taffeta, we bring you sophisticated handcraft pillowcases to level up quality of your sleep and beauty everynight.