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Great Waterfalls For Windows [2022]

The screenshots were taken using a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo SL-C460. Other screen resolutions may look different, but most of them will look pretty much the same.
The audio is stored in the ASL, so if that option is deactivated (not sure how to do this) you won’t hear it at all.
You can get the ASL and other goodies and more information at:

version 1.15:
* Minor bug fixes
version 1.14:
* Some interface/dialog fixes
* Fixed crash on Windows 9x
version 1.13:
* Redesigned some elements, e.g. the water movements and the screen icons.
Version 1.12:
* Added an option to show the water line at the bottom of the screen.
* Minor bug fixes
* Removed minor memory leak
* Added a minor speedup
* Removed “logic” for hiding the spinning icon
version 1.11:
* More fixes, mainly bug fixes
Version 1.10:
* I’ve removed the “rate” option. I don’t think it makes sense to have a rate option when you have different resolutions and dpi’s in an image.
* I’ve also removed the “interpolation” options. Some users complained that some images looked strange or blurry when the interpolation options were turned on.
* I’ve removed the color mode options (Bitmap, TrueColor and Palette). The options were really confusing, and I don’t think they are even used anymore.
* I’ve removed the “water line” option. I don’t think that it makes sense to have a water line if you don’t have water.
* I’ve moved all the settings to the “Settings” dialog. This means that the “Uniform” option has been removed.
* I’ve added “Logarithmic” to the image quality menu. I don’t think that it will make the images look too much better, but it seems to do wonders for the size of the bitmaps. If you want to see the difference between this option and the “Standard” option, you’ll find it at:

Great Waterfalls [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

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What’s New in the Great Waterfalls?

One day, a flower falls into the stream and is carried downstream by the current. Eventually the flowers collide with some rocks and form a waterfall. The fall is constantly flowing, and the water never diminishes. You can admire the spectacular plant life that grows along the stream. Choose from 20 screen saver themes with rain, snow, water drops, and more.
– Over 60 sceneries
– Over 70 scenes
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– High resolution sceneries
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– GUI size 16×9
The following sceneries are available in the software
– Rain
– Fall
– Water Drops
– Rain Drops
– Rain Drops on Trees
– Underwater
– Rock
– Waterfall
– Waterfall Corner
– Waterfall Corner Corner
– Rain Corner
– Waterfall Corner Corner
– Rain Corner Corner
– Waterfall Corner Corner Corner
– Waterfall Corner Corner Corner Corner
– Waterfall Corner Corner Corner Corner Corner Corner
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System Requirements For Great Waterfalls:

This game requires both the PC and the PS4 to play.
The PS4 can be connected to the PC via a cable or LAN wire.
Supported OS : Windows 10
[ System Requirements ]
Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.13 or later
Playstation 4
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