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Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most shots on goal this season. No one was close to him. There was one player, Mats Hummels, that forced him to try more passes. Perhaps Ronaldo simply had no other options with possession of the ball. The in-game engine will sense which player has the ball at any moment and use the most appropriate areas of the playing surface (based on real data) to create dribbling and shooting opportunities. The engine will also make passes to a player positioned in the best possible spot based on real data from numerous football matches. There will also be variants, in terms of playing style, of your player. Player traits such as pace, stamina and workrate can have a significant impact on a player’s performance. There will be multiple paths to reach the 18-yard box, with the most direct line being the most effective. Players can adjust to the way a game is played, creating changes on the pitch by suddenly turning on the ball, with ball control or maintaining possession of the ball for a lengthy period. Data can be used to define all these changes; that is, if a player is going to cut inside, the engine is using real data from a previous game to make that decision. The engine will always be in a state of change, with new definitions, meaning and decisions constantly being made. This will provide players with a more realistic approach to the game, which will be reflected on-screen. Continuing the shift towards new ways of playing the game, FIFA 22 focuses on creating tactics that define how to play a football match. FIFA 22 features a number of new tactics that will be available to create a completely new approach to the way you play. The engine has been built from the ground up with goalkeeping being the most significant change to the engine. The goalkeeper has been completely overhauled, and can now perform 50 different actions. The artificial intelligence of the goalkeeper will be better than ever before. FIFA’s Ultimate Team will continue to evolve with the introduction of the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is one of the most difficult players to score goals against. They can make saves, intercept the ball and create saves with their feet. Players such as Casemiro or Pepe are almost impossible to beat when caught out of position. The goalkeeper will now be able to make defensive saves with their feet. The AI


Features Key:

  • Power-ups
  • Add-Ons
  • On-screen Offers
  • Custom Kit Design
  • New stadiums
  • Improved stadium visuals
  • Single (FUT Draft)
  • Double (Online Futsal)
  • Tournaments
  • Nano


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EASPAYS FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise and EA SPORTS’s flagship title. With over 100 million players, FIFA captures the drama of the beautiful game as it unfolds around the world. In FIFA, players control their favorite teams from the pitch to the boardroom, earning respect on and off the field through their club’s milestones, in-game accomplishments and player personalities. What are the exclusive innovations that will make FIFA even more fun to play? FIFA innovates to deliver the ultimate soccer experience. FIFA 22: Become A Legend FIFA 22’s revolutionary “Become A Legend” progression system will challenge and reward players as they rise through the ranks in their favorite teams. Five distinct career paths will reward players for a variety of game modes, including Be a Legend, Make History, Master Your Side, Shape the Game and Score the Goal. FIFA 22 will include a new Career Season system, which allows fans to control the individual career paths and stories of some of the most famous players in the game. Play in all game modes and earn progress towards your career goals. Play the “Made in FIFA” mode created by the players to make your own rules and rulesets for all game modes, including, FIFA 2k, FIFA Touch and FIFA 22. FIFA Community FIFA Community features new community-driven game modes including Goals and Dreams, the all-new Match Day events, an overhauled Squad, Clubs, Stadiums and the updated My Stadium mode. When FIFA fans share their passion for the beautiful game, the playing field gets even bigger. Discover new names and faces, catch up on the best moments from previous seasons and get ready for the new game by getting involved on Your Story Every single day is a new start for some of the most iconic players in the world. FIFA Story Mode brings your favorite players’ lives into the game, letting you play out their stories, across the Ultimate Team, Create a Club, Career and other features. Be a Legend Become a Legend is FIFA’s most ambitious progression system to date, where players can choose to specialize in one of five unique paths to take on life as a professional footballer, using the progression system to unlock new attributes and skills. Master Your Side bc9d6d6daa


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You are now the manager of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 22. Build the team of your dreams, recruit and manage all-new BAYERN, or design and buy the players of your favourite clubs and take them on in your Ultimate Team. Customise your pitch, kits, and your stadium to reflect your style, and compete in friendly matches against friends. FIFA Street – Quick Play – Get to the action and play your favourite mode on the go. Three new game modes join the Street Championship, including Pickup and Play, Career mode and Quick Play, along with more to come. GENERAL FEATURES Re-Inventive Style For the first time in FIFA’s history, the team has made significant investments in a more action-oriented style. This new style is characterised by its aggressive visuals and fast-paced gameplay. New Arsenal Attack, F-Pass and Dynamic Player Behaviour Arsenal FC is the new FIFA 22 cover star, and their on-field experience has been given a modern rework. Players now rely less on the previously available long-ball game of cricket and more on the precision passing game of football. The Arsenal attack also features a more physically-focused style of play. On the defensive side of the ball, players have been given more agility, showing off their new side-step moves, feints, rolling D’ Journeys, flicks, and flat footed tackles. Players can also now combine with the ball, flitting between overlaps, sidesteps, and small dribbles. The new Arsenal style of play is also complemented by the brand new F-Pass technique – which includes a host of new controls. An F-Pass is effectively a foot-pass with the player’s preferred foot: the ball is placed by moving the dribbler’s preferred foot to one side, and the opposite foot is used to pass the ball to the teammate. The direction of the movement is indicated in the camera view – and the direction of the pass becomes apparent as the ball passes between the player and the target. FIFA 22 introduces players to the Dynamic Player Behaviour system. At any moment, you can mark a player as either exciting, physical, or calm, depending on their current status. The system will select the best behaviour for them based on information provided from reliable data sources. There are three scenarios for each player: Exc


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