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KeyMacro is a free application which is capable of recording your own custom keyboard combinations and schedule them in a way that they will run automatically. In other words, you don’t need to constantly type the keys with the combination, but it will be called upon on demand, no matter where it is.
Here’s how it works: you hit keys on your keyboard and press the record button, and KeyMacro will automatically record them in a.KEYMACRO file, which is saved in a predefined location. Of course, you have the option of recording a macro from the command line instead. So, you can record the combination of keys to quickly get something from the internet, open the web browser, edit a document, and so on.
Preparation for recording
For a more convenient usage of the program, you need to ensure that the option you wish to use for key recording is selected in the options window. Furthermore, you need to make sure the device you’re using has a.keymacro extension, as well as it’s not already in use by another application. This is quite easy to notice, as it’s the default file extension for recorded macros in KeyMacro.
The record button can be pressed in various ways, depending on the key combination you wish to record. By default, all keys on the keyboard have the record button, but you can also use the Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys as well.
List of keys
Once a macro is recorded, it can be invoked in any way you wish to. To do this, just press the Alt key to switch to the command line, and type the name of the macro in a way that it will be called up. The same method can be used for every key, for example, if you press the record button and type the letter p, then it will search for the record in the.KEYMACRO file. There’s a neat feature that lets you load a macro from the command line, which is called on demand.
A cool feature is that you can record macros directly from a game, and you can even schedule them to automatically load at a certain time. Unfortunately, you can’t schedule the actions to run at the same time on all devices connected to your computer. Moreover, the program has its fair share of bugs, and the developer hasn’t released an update since August 2017.
KEYMACRO Features:
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Yet Another Caller ID is a caller ID software, which allows you to view the caller ID information of a call incoming on your PC.
This software is a member of the YAC family of caller ID software. With this software you can get caller ID from your modem and display them on your computer screen.
To get started using this software, you need to download the YAC server. This is a small program that you can run on your PC, which provides your Windows-based PC with the necessary tools to display caller ID information on its screen.
By running this software on your PC, you will also be able to view and print the caller ID information you get from the phone line.

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Good morning I am trying to send a job for windows XP professional and want to get some information about the exact process. When i double click on the job i get this messageThe Job cannot be opened because the application cannot open or access this file. The application might be blocked from opening the file because of missing or corrupt file information in the file.

When i run a setup exe file (registry problem) i get an error window saying D:\setup.exe returned error code 1 and asks to close the application because of a problem. I cant close it. Im using Win XP professional. I have run it with administrator rights, installed and uninstalled it, etc.

When i run a setup exe file (registry problem) i get an error window saying D:\setup.exe returned error code 1 and asks to close the application because of a problem. I cant close it. Im using Win XP professional. I have run it with administrator rights, installed and uninstalled it, etc.

Hello i have this problem. when i run the setup.exe file, the program starts up and then the window that shows the status of the process and the progress bar come up. it goes as far as 13


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