Do Charity with us


The best thing in life is sharing.

It is not necessary to say much about happiness and pleasure when doing charity work. We truly want to thank people who have helped others and to thank people who will help others with their warm heart. We know one thing for sure – giving always brings back much more happiness to us.

Contribution to society through charitable activities was always one of our objectives when we started the business.

We have committed ourselves to donating CHF 5 of each sale to our Silk Style Charity Fund, and also appreciate any donation from our customers to help poor people in different regions in Vietnam and Africa. We focus on supporting children who are orphans, with HIV, victims of Agent Orange, disabled, and poor in order to help provide a better life and education for them.

Phuong Nguyen, founder of Silk Style, was involved with many charity programs when she lived in Vietnam. She set up the Haiphong care charity group with friends, families, and colleagues and was a member of Kids without Borders. Together, they frequently organized charity activities. And she cares deeply about continuing this work to bring help to as many children as possible.

We will share all of our donation reports, detailed information, and pictures of our charity activities on this webpage.

Here are some pictures of Phuong Nguyen and her team doing charity work in Vietnam.

Our Charity Fund in 2021

NoDateNameAmount CHFProjectNote
02021Silk Style715 2022 Charity Program in Vietnam (See detail below) 
15.1.2021Dawn & John Sander50 2022 Charity Program in Vietnam (See detail below) 
21.2021Phuong Nguyen Family135 2022 Charity Program in Vietnam (See detail below) 
315.1.2021Phuong’s friend5 2022 Charity Program in Vietnam (See detail below) 
42022Silk Style75 2022 Charity Program in Vietnam (See detail below) 
Total  980  

2022 Charity Program in Vietnam

We planned to donate CHF 2,000 to establish a charity program for children in the rural mountainous areas in Lao Cai and Yen Bai provinces in July 2021. However, due to the Pandemic, the plan was not be possible to happen in summer. We will delay the progam in term of time, but keep our target the same to the children in these provinces. These children are extremely poor – they do not have even a minimum living standard and have much less education compared to children in other regions in Vietnam. We are looking forward to a trip to Vietnam in summer 2022 so we can directly meet and bring those kids our gifts.

Below are some pictures of their school, classroom, home, and the children. We will make a concrete plan and report on our program before and after the charity trip.