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In May 2014, Autodesk acquired the Alias Design Group, developers of Alias|Wavefront, a cloud-based 3D design and animation software.

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In September 2017, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD LT, a simplified version of AutoCAD designed for use with the cloud-based file storage and sharing service, Dropbox.


AutoCAD is a 2D CAD application with the ability to create, edit, and view drawings in 2D (2D drafting) and 3D (3D drafting). The program can be used for creating mechanical, electrical, structural, and architectural drawings. AutoCAD is a desktop-based application and has been available for MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS since 1983.

Advanced drawing tools

AutoCAD has a vast set of drafting tools, including a drafting ruler, snap grid, adjustable grid, arc functions, polyline tools, line and arc editing, 3D views, 3D cross sectioning, wireframing tools, solids and shading tools, BSP and polyface modeling tools, draping tools, pattern editing tools, and many other drafting tools, all of which are found in the application’s available menu system.

Autodesk has recently produced a new cloud-based platform that allows users to submit AutoCAD drawings to the cloud and to automatically assign DrawingNumbers (DNs) to each drawing. DNs allow users to use electronic data interchange (EDI) and bar coding technologies in AutoCAD to capture and track paper-based AutoCAD drawings. DNs can also be used to transfer all or part of a drawing to other AutoCAD programs.

Despite the many drawing tools available, all of AutoCAD’s drafting tools are handled through commands that operate on either layers, objects, or groups, which is different from other CAD applications such as Microstation, ArchiCAD, Microstation 2D, and CADence.

File format

The file format for AutoCAD was previously.DWG (AutoCAD’s native file format),.DWF (AutoCAD’s native viewing format), and.DGN (AutoCAD’s native editing format).

For viewing and editing, the.DWG file format was used. The.DWG and.DGN formats are directly supported by AutoCAD. A.DWF file

AutoCAD 24.1 (Latest)

In addition to the APIs, the software supports scripting languages such as AutoLISP and Visual LISP. The most widely used scripting language is AutoLISP. The API for AutoLISP was intended for companies to write their own customizations and add-ons. In addition to the API support for AutoLISP, the software offers AutoLISP distribution files to allow users to add AutoLISP scripts to drawings in the drawing package. Visual LISP was introduced with AutoCAD Activation Code 2008, as the successor of AutoLISP. It is a visual language for writing AutoCAD extensions. ObjectARX is based on C++ class library (.net), it allows creating plugins for AutoCAD. This means that plugins to extend AutoCAD functionality can be written in Java or other C/C++ compilers.

AutoCAD has a command line interface and a GUI. Although the command-line interface is preferred by many users, it is possible to build powerful tools by combining the command-line with the GUI. For example, the utility line tool allows connecting and updating toolbars, palettes, commands, and other elements of the interface. Tools using the command-line interface can also be used in the GUI.

AutoCAD uses a block-based model to represent 2D drafting and 3D model data. The block model allows efficient manipulation of large data sets. In addition, because AutoCAD uses CAD file (DWG) formats, the software also supports the interchange of data between many different file formats.

AutoCAD uses a system of object trees to organize and control the geometry in the drawing. The process is dynamic, and the model remains responsive to changes to the drawing. Features such as snap, snap constraints, and visual styles are also applied to control the flow of design geometry. A special case of this process is the object hierarchy and the creation of objects, including creating nested objects.

Because of its object-based methodology, AutoCAD can respond to changes in the model more rapidly than non-object-based systems. The software automatically updates the scene or changes the model after the insertion or deletion of objects.

File format
Autodesk AutoCAD creates and edits many different types of files. Most of them use the well-known International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) format of the Common Drawing File (DWG) standard. There

AutoCAD 24.1

== Proposal Changes ==

* Improve example model:
– provide better description
– show material properties and layouts.

* Export improved Autocad assembly model:
– use comments for better readability
– export only the view ports (not the whole model)
– (optional) export material properties and layout

== Proposal List ==

* Improve feature list

* New example projects:
– box
– composite

* Improve documentation
– present specific examples
– provide specific hints
– explain commands better

* New commands (from v1.2.1 and older):
– [new] Addon
– [new] Part
– [new] Views
– [new] Material
– [new] Tools
– [new] Options
– [new] Load/Save objects (Loading will be introduced in v2.0)
– [new] Find Mesh Data
– [new] Nx/Ny grid
– [new] Mesh Fill
– [new] Make simple 2D curves from boxes
– [new] Make 2D/3D curves from boxes/lines
– [new] Make 2D/3D curves from surfaces (optional)
– [new] Thickness (optional)
– [new] Similar Proposal
– [new] Other similar proposals
– [new] Addon (optionally based on a shape)
– [new] Surface/Section (optional)
– [new] Cross-section (optional)
– [new] Card (optional)
– [new] Sheet (optional)
– [new] Box (optional)
– [new] Hatch (optional)
– [new] Face (optional)
– [new] Voids
– [new] Bevel
– [new] Layer (optional)
– [new] Insert
– [new] Group (optional)
– [new] Plane (optional)
– [new] Edit point
– [new] Remove point

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Animation-Enabled Data Center Add-Ins:

Add animated CAD visualization to your Autodesk data center. Use a common data visualization format to build and deliver data visualization and information presentation to your customers.

Data Center Add-Ins:

Get your Autodesk Data Center up and running quickly. Create your first instance in minutes and get data visualization apps, documents, and other data-rich content into your Autodesk data center.


Sync and deploy metadata across your organization. Easily manage, monitor and optimize the performance of CAD files through key design attributes, including user tags, tags and comments.


Improve your intersection calculations by creating a new feature (polyline, circle, polygon) that can be used as an intersection in your model.

Layer Management:

Manage layers in your drawing with drag-and-drop ease. Work with “folders” and easily move, rename, delete, move and copy layer properties.

Displays and Mappings:

Now you can place views and images directly on your drawing canvas. Easily and quickly place views and images on the drawing canvas. Easily customize your views by moving, scaling, rotating and sizing. You can also create layer masks.

Graphical Layout:

Speed up drawing layouts with a new edit mode that provides an option to quickly place horizontal, vertical, or diagonal axis.


Share your creativity and collaborate on projects with users around the world with the Autodesk Connect feature. The enhanced user experience also includes: a redesigned UI, new and enhanced synchronization features, and additional features for the Advanced User experience.

Receive updates for Autodesk products by email when new versions are available.

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