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. Logical network for VLAN .
Table 1-14 Comparison of ASA Versions 5505 5510 5520 5540 CLI v9.1 CLI v9.3 CLI v9.3 CLI v9.4 CLI v9.4 CLI v9.4 CLI v9.4 CLI v9.4 v9.4 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 Firewall v9.2 v9.3 v9.3 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4 v9.4. For more information, refer to the ASA Administration Guide. Configure Privileged Access Management (PAM) feature as shown in Figure 4-7.
Cisco have released version 1.3 of VIRL. Download the Cisco ASAv 9.7.1 from the VIRL portal and import into.
. 3 to 1024 depending on the security appliance model and the license key used,. Model License Feature Maximum Number of VLANs ASA 5505 Base 3 ASA.


My answer is based on the version of the firmware used, the amount of memory, and the license used.
In the United States, Cisco License Administrators use one of two kinds of license keys to activate the security appliances. The first type is a base license that contains the basic Cisco IOS features and the firewall rules are always enabled. You can purchase licenses for this type for firewalls and routers. The second type is the Cisco Security Plus license that includes a feature to allow support for the use of the ASA as an intrusion prevention (IPS) device. The IPS license allows the firewall to be pre-configured with IPS policy settings for catching malicious traffic, and Cisco can provide license keys for IPS or IPS+ licenses for use with the ASA.
The different versions of the ASA that support different combinations of license keys that you can purchase will be listed under the ASA Version column in the table for the “Software and Services Used” column in the Cisco Router. Let’s have a look at the different combinations of license keys that you can purchase for ASA 9.2, ASA 9.3, ASA 9.4, and ASA 10.0.
Note the IOS Version is a mandatory component of Cisco licenses. There are three combinations of software and license

Saving and restoring Cisco ASA 5505 running Solaris 10 in a VMware environment and running the Cisco Network Assistant Version 7.2 (NAC) & the Cisco .Q:

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