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KEYMACRO is an advanced ship position reporting tool for ships and marine business in areas where charts are not available. KEYMACRO can use GPS or FOGS positioning system, real-time AIS data, satellite speed data and other ship data from navigational charts.
At first, KEYMACRO calculates the position of the ship, and reports the latitude and longitude and some other details. If the ship has an AIS transponder or transponder ID available, KEYMACRO can detect it on a color-coded world map. KEYMACRO can report the position of the ship and its position relative to the AIS in the most accurate way for a vessel equipped with an AIS transponder.
KEYMACRO not only can show the position of the ship with time, but also presents speed information of the ship through time. If necessary, KEYMACRO can integrate with external programs for time zone conversion, ship speed calculation, vessel speed calculation and ship tracking.
Ship position can be reported in different levels of ship speed, for example, the speed of the ship can be reported according to the conditions for shallow water, coastal shipping or ocean. Different types of parameters can be used to report ship position: latitude, longitude, altitude, course, speed, speed condition. KEYMACRO can be integrated with any maritime management systems.
Key Features:
1. First shipping database
2. International shipping database
3. Marine statistical database
4. Ship’s navigational chart database
5. Ship’s position report
6. Ship’s speed report
7. Position Report by different speed level
8. Position Report by different chart level
9. Position Report by different altitude level
10. Position Report by different time level
11. Position Report by different course level
12. Position Report by different speed condition
13. Different types of parameter can be used to report ship position: latitude, longitude, altitude, course, speed, speed condition
15. Position Report by PPS/PLO/CNI/ANR/ACH/YACH/PAN/VCC/HYT/ 384a16bd22

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Macro to create a text file and read its contents. This file is based on the text file with macros, you can edit this macros file to customize the output.
This text file will be created at the same path of your project in the output folder, the syntax of this file is based on macro file (.vbs)
DATE Format Specifier:
The format specifier is used to specify the date of the log file.
You can format the date in two ways:
A: The format specifier can be specified as YYYY-MM-DD.
B: The format specifier can be specified as MM-DD-YYYY.
DATE Format Specifier:
DATE Format Specifier:
VBS Format Specifier:
This Macro : UPLOADDATE will create the output like the following:
if the log file is on 07-09-2015, the log file will be created on
05-09-2015. If you want to create the log file in the day of the week,
use the format of below:
Monday: logFile on Monday, Tuesday: logFile on Tuesday, Wednesday: logFile on Wednesday, Thursday: logFile on Thursday, Friday: logFile on Friday, Saturday: logFile on Saturday, Sunday: logFile on Sunday.
DATEFORMAT_SPECIFIER: the date format specification specifier, can be
the day of the week, the month and the year can be used for the
creation of the log file. The example below shows a log file
of Monday:
‘CREATEDATE (Monday)’ ‘2016-01-01’ ‘1.log’ ‘DATE’ ‘DATEFORMAT_SPECIFIER’
‘2016-01-01’ ‘1.log’ ‘DATE’ ‘DATEFORMAT_SPECIFIER’
‘2016-01-01’ ‘1.log’ ‘DATE’ ‘DATEFORMAT_SPECIFIER’
format specifier:
1. Monday: log file of Monday
2. Tuesday: log file of Tuesday
3. Wednesday: log file of Wednesday
4. Thursday: log file of

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