About Us

We are a Swiss brand, with a heart from Vietnam.

We are based in Switzerland, and we produce silk in Vietnam.

We are a strong team of dedicated silk manufacturers, silk weavers, silk quilters, silk hand painting artisans, and artists. We are all ambitious, whole-hearted, and great fans of Vietnamese silk.

We want to contribute our part to preserving and developing silk production in Vietnam, which started centuries ago. Vietnam’s silk sector today is the 6th largest silk exporter in the world, although mostly in the form of raw or semi-finished products. Our aim is to introduce different 100% Mulberry Silk ready-to-use high-quality products and strengthen the appreciation of Vietnamese silk, which, in the end, brings value and benefits to our customers.

All of our products are made with lots of care and skill, especially the hand quilting or hand painting. We want our products to have long lives when they are used with love and care by our customers.

We pay attention to protect health of our customers, especially kids and the environment. Therefore we also want to focus on Slow Silk category, which uses only natural silk color and natural dyes from plants, roots, coffee… We are trying to widen this caterogy as much as possible to reach our goal of being safe and sustainable.

Silk itself is outstanding, and we maintain silk product luxury as it always should be while also being user-friendly. The quality of our ready-made 100% Mulberry Silk products confirms the well-deserved reputation of Vietnamese silk and silk production, which offers excellent value to our customers.

We are sustainable silk.

The fact is silk production and silk product originally environment friendly and sustainable due to their nature characters.

Mulberry plant resists pollution, no pesticide can be used to grow mulberry plant. They are fairly drought tolerant and they don’t need much care. They are healthy without additional fertilization. They are even primarily free from most pets and disease. Mulberry plants have long living lifespan from 25 to 50 years.

Silkworms are very sensitive and difficult to raise because they will die or get sick easily if they are fed with polluted mulberry leaves and raised in a polluted environment. Their ideal living condition need to be clean, temperature is from 23 to 28 Degree Celsius and humidity is 85-90%. People also say that workers or visitors even shouldn’t wear perfume or smoke during working or visiting silkworm farm to protect silkworms.

Sadly, dyeing process turns original clean silk and silk production into unclean. Chemicals in colors and pigments used to dye silk yarn or silk fabric can be unsafe for workers, users and the environment. In order to protect true values of silk and pursue our target of being user and environment friendly products, we choose to use either original silk fabric without dying, natural dying materials or OEKO Tex certified silk supplier. We want to bring all the benefits of pure silk as it naturally be: beautiful, luxury and safe.



You can check the validity of our OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATE


Silk is a sustainable natural textile because it is proved to use minimal energy and water consumptions to produce, from planting mulberry plants to raise silkworm, spinning and weaving.

In term of animal protection, please don’t feel guilty when you think that in order to produce your shirt, thousands of silkworms had to die. Silkworm caterpillar requires special humidity from 85 to 90% and temperature conditions from 23 to 28 degree Celsius to survive, which normal natural environment is not suitable for them after getting out of their cocoons. That is why silkworms need to be raised in special conditions to live and produce good quality silk. A fun fact is Mulberry silkworm is very nutritious, they are used to be food for human commonly where silk is produced.

Why Silk from Vietnam?


Vietnam has long tradition of planting mulberry plant and raising silkworm to produce silk in different regions along the country.  Though thousands of years, after many fluctuations, sericulture of Vietnam was almost lost but is now coming back stronger and developing fast up to the 6th biggest silk producer and silk exporter in the world. All the traditional knowhows of producing silk are preserved well through generations, combined with modern technology make silk of Vietnam better today.

I felt in love with silk – the very special material the first time I used it. And being a Vietnamese person, I understand the origin of silk production in my country. Seeing beautiful green mulberry fields, seeing the hard working silk farmers, seeing my traditional silk production both in traditional villages and modern factories, I’m so proud of and wishes to introduce  high quality ready-made silk products to customers in different countries in the world.

Our objectives

We do our best to keep our customers satisfied with our product quality and function.

We offer different choices of 100% Mulberry Silk products, which enable our customers to benefit from the amazing value of pure silk in every moment of life.

From hand quilting to hand painting, from traditional to modern weaving methods, we combine Vietnamese silk tradition with modern technology and design in our products. We wish to bring good value to our customers, who are interested in taking care of their bodies and investing in the quality of their sleep, health, beauty, and life to make it better every day.

Silk means luxury. Silk brings comfort. Our role is to provide authentic pure Mulberry Silk products that make our customers happy from the very first sight and touch of them.

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We support small businesses

The starting points of our business are to bring good values to customers and to supports small businesses in Vietnam.

The only big and modern industrial level supplier for our raw silk fabric, which is Oeko Tex certified, is  one silk factory in Bao Loc, Lam Dong province – the finniest silk producer in Vietnam. All of other materials and production processes are sourced and made by small businesses in different regions along the country. They are from silk traditional villages and made by individual artisans.

They are people who try to preserve and develop their families’s silk production tradition. They are silk weavers with wooden looms in Thai Binh. They are silk hand painters with small workshop in Ha Noi. They are silk natural dyers, who are so keen on making natural dyed silk colors more beautiful and last longer in Quang Nam. They are groups women doing hand quilting and embroidery in traditional hand quilting village in Ninh Binh or tailors who specialize in silk cut and sew in Ha Dong.

Silk is a very sensitive and difficult material to work with. Finding and choosing these silk artisans took us a long time and many sample rounds to make sure our products are well made. We appreciate all their hard work and we are so happy that we can support them, to live and to grow with their love to silk – same as we do.

Our Commitments

All of our products are carefully made by skillful hands. We take care of every detail to make sure our products are of good quality and endure.
We wish to help improve the quality of our customers’ sleep and make their lives better every day through our products’ design and functionality. Our products are made to gain the trust and love of our customers.
We would love to hear your comments and requirements in order to continuously improve our products and service. We are here to make you happy and satisfied.
We are committed to providing you with products made with 100% Mulberry Silk from Vietnam. We take our commitment and responsibility to our customers seriously.

Thank you for choosing our product. We look forward to serving you again!